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Projects & Initiatives

Synchronous Online Courses

Distance Education classrooms on main campus offer course ‘Delivery To the Desktop’ capabilities for students.  Distance students registered for synchronous online classes can remotely participate in main campus classrooms through their desktop, laptop, or other mobile device. Extended Learning’s service also offers support here in trouble shooting student and faculty issues with the new service.

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

After piloting several successful MOOCs, Extended Learning continues to develop this service by offering high-quality production studio services, editing, training, instructional design, and project management support.  Extended Learning is currently partnering with Computer Engineering, the Office of Academic Affairs, and Coursera to explore the development of a new MOOC-supported MS Degree in Computer Engineering. 

Managed Online Programs

Extended Learning's Strategic Initiatives department is excited to be partnering with the College of Nursing, University College, School of Engineering, and the College of Arts and Sciences to launch a series of online programs in a compressed format that will allow students to start the program multiple times per year.

New Mexico Total Quality Rating Improvement System

Extended Learning’s Early Childhood Service Center is working with state partners to develop and support an online Total Quality Rating Improvement System to support PreK initiatives in the State of New Mexico.

New Mexico Early Childhood HUB Training Center

Extended Learning’s Early Childhood Service Center is expanding its training initiatives with the State of New Mexico. This initiative involves expansion of online and face-to-face training initiatives, as well as an online Professional Development Registry that will allow preK providers the opportunity to register for training. The HUB serves Early Learning programs and educators by providing training for teachers, which in turn helps promote quality early learning experiences for children prenatal to age five, so that kids are ready to thrive when they attend kindergarten.

New Mexico Kids Website Support and Redesign

Extended Learning supports a state-funded initiative to redesign and support the New Mexico Kids Website. This website offers training schedules for Early Childhood care workers, information on how to apply for FOCUS, Home Visiting programs for families with small children, and countless other resources for parents and families.

Online Course Advisory Council Best Practices Certification

UNM Extended Learning is partnering with the faculty Online Course Advisory Council to offer peer review quality certification for online courses.

UNM Learn Publisher Content Building Block

In partnership with the UNM Bookstore, Extended Learning is implementing a solution that would offer eTextbooks through UNM Learn. eTextbooks would save students money, allowing them to go to UNM without incurring extensive textbook costs. Students will be able to read eTextbooks online through UNM Learn and allow greater improvements to the student and faculty workflow experience.

State Authorization and State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements

Extended Learning's Strategic Initiatives department oversees compliance with State Authorization regulations for distance education. In 2014, Strategic Initiatives, working with UNM Government Relations and the New Mexico Higher Education Department, supported the effort lead by State Senator John Sapien to join the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA), which allows universities in participating states to offer online education to students outside of their home state, expanding opportunities for the University and students alike. Efforts to gain online education authorization in all states and in foreign countries are ongoing.

Video Accessibility and Captioning

Extended Learning sponsored a pilot with IT Academic Technologies to allow for UNM-wide captioning availaiblity in online courses. An outside vendor, Cielo24, was selected to provide the captioning service and IT Academic Technologies is the service owner and facilitator. In order to request captioning through Cielo24 at bulk-rate volume pricing, please send a request to

Non-Credit Online Course Delivery

UNM Extended Learning’s Continuing Education office is expanding its online course offerings. These courses, taught fully and partially online, offer students flexible and accessible non-credit courses and professional development opportunities across the state. Extended Learning Supports a Moodle Learning Management System and distance education classrooms in support of this service. Extended Learning staff and faculty are currently working to develop an 8-week Paralegal Course Certification Program into a true distance format using a combination of the synchronous online web conferencing tools and Moodle services.

None for the Road

Extended Learning supports an online service for the None for the Road DWI Awareness Program at Continuing Education. The online service provides an alternative to the traditional mail-in method of the program. The course is designed to help focus attention on the DWI problem, and to inform all first-time licensees in New Mexico between the ages of 18 and 24.