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Online Course Development

Extended Learning employees work directly with faculty in the development of online courses.  This includes consultant services to identify effective use of UNM Learn and other technology tools for instruction, assignments, assessments, and communication with students. Instructional Designers assist faculty, as needed, in developing their content for effective online learning, including interactive activities, assessment techniques, design aids, audio, video and other effective pedagogical methods in their online course design.

Design and Production Assistance may include:

  • Learning Modules (web pages)
  • Student Orientation Module
  • Building Discussions
  • Assignments
  • Surveys
  • Assessments
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
  • Media Library
  • Roster
  • Grade Book
  • Graphics - Homepage and Module Pages
  • Instructional Media
  • Use of Publisher Content
  • Use of External Resources
  • Document Compression
  • Surveys (Demographic, Mid-course, IDEA)
  • Accessibility Solutions

Service Availability

Services are available Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM. Closed on UNM Holidays.

Available Training

Faculty production training is done directly with the designer assigned to the faculty member or their Graduate Student Assistant.  Faculty can sign up for general UNM Learn training through the EL Training Schedule.

How to Request the Service

The service is available for all UNM Main Campus online faculty.  Courses are requested at the College Department level and must have the Chair or Dean's approval before being scheduled by Extended Learning's scheduling staff.  For more information, contact Extended Learning at (505) 277-5765 or email at

How to Access the Service

Courses are accessed at

Technical Requirements


Software requirements will include an updated browser.  Depending on decisions you make about instructional approaches, you may use software such as Word, PowerPoint, and Camtasia.  Extended Learning provides access to a faculty resource lab with updated software for faculty use in developing instructional content.

Computer Requirements

For your best experience with an online course, you will need access to a computer with broadband Internet connectivity that can stream video and audio. Your course may also require hardware such as a headset with microphone.  Any computer capable of running a recently updated web browser should be sufficient to access your online course. However, processor speed, amount of RAM and Internet connection speed can greatly affect performance.

Supported browsers include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. For detailed technical information on supported browsers and operating systems, visit:

Internet Access

Online courses perform best on a high speed Internet connection. Cable and DSL connections improve the user's experience with the course. Those using dial-up connections will experience longer page load times and much slower performance when accessing their online course.