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Online Course Support

Extended Learning creates and implements course templates, student tutorials, and orientation modules for online courses.  Templates are developed with currently accepted and effective web design components, developed to be agile and personalized.  Working with graphic designers, the templates can become a framework to assist the instructor and designer in effective and efficient development of the course, while maintaining a personal and professional appearance that supports the needs of the content and course.

Student tutorials are developed, updated and maintained to support students with the assistance they may need to access the content and use the technology tools for success in their online course.  These tutorials are made available to all UNM students as appropriate, for accessing their UNM Learn course.  Orientation materials and activities are based on Adult Learning Theory to allow a student user to become familiar with the technology tools while beginning the online course activities, without being slowed down if they already have experience with those tools.

Available Training

Faculty production training is done directly with the designer assigned to them or their Graduate Student Assistant.  Faculty can sign up for general UNM Learn training with the EL Training Schedule.

Further Information or Support

The service is available for all UNM Main Campus online faculty.  For more information contact Extended Learning at (505) 277-5765 or email