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UNM Learn Section Grouping

Section grouping, as it is used in the LMS, provides an instructor with the ability to group the students from multiple class sections into a single UNM Learn course. This technique simplifies many aspects of course management when an instructor teaches multiple sections that can use the same content, and/or when the students from multiple sections need to interact with one another in UNM Learn. When you group sections in UNM Learn, all of the students get placed in a single area where content and student interactions can be managed. Most of the demand for section grouping is for course sections that are not officially connected at a curriculum level. This would include grouping grad/undergrad sections, multiple lab sections, etc. Extended Learning has developed a web form for handling these requests, which are processed manually once the request is received.

Important information regarding section groups in UNM Learn:

  • Grouping sections that already have student data or communications in them will make that data inaccessible. This includes items such as assignment and assessment submissions, grades, discussion postings, emails, etc. For this reason, it is advisable to group your sections prior to the start of the semester.
  • Section group requests take 1-2 business days to process.
  • All of the sections in the group must be in UNM Learn prior to grouping them. Visit Banner self-service (LoboWeb) to web-enhance your sections if they are not already online. Instructions are available at
  • Section groups are not migrated from semester to semester; the request form must be completed each semester in order to group your sections in UNM Learn.
  • The request form must be completed even if your class is cross-listed in Banner.
  • Sections that are canceled and rescheduled will not get automatically re-added to the section group. If sections that are part of your section group are canceled and rescheduled, you will need to notify UNM Learn support in order to get the rescheduled section added to the group.

Service Availability

The request form is available 24/7. Section group requests take 1-2 business days to process.

How to Request the Service

Requests for section grouping are submitted via a section group request form available at


There is no fee for faculty or students to take advantage of section grouping within UNM Learn. Fully online courses may have a technology fee associated with course delivery. Some courses require students to purchase a PIN code.

Further Information or Support

Contact UNM Learn Support at (505) 277-0857, Fastinfo, or via the Faculty Help and Student Help links on the UNM Learn Home Page.

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