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UNM Learn

UNM Learn is UNM's official learning management system. UNM Learn provides a comprehensive suite of tools for delivering instruction to students over the web, including quizzing, assignments, course materials, discussion groups, and grading. UNM Learn requires authentication via your UNM NetID, and is available by visiting the UNM Learn site, or by signing onto the myUNM portal, and clicking on the UNM Learn icon in the upper right of the screen.

Faculty can opt to use UNM Learn for their section(s) at any time by visiting the faculty tab in Loboweb. Instructions for this can also be found at  Requests for hybrid and fully online courses should be arranged in advance with the department's scheduling coordinator.

UNM Learn is brought to you by UNM Extended Learning. Please visit the UNM Learn home page for more information and services, such as how to opt to use UNM Learn for your section(s), training, links to information on the TEACH act and copyright, grouping of sections within UNM Learn, developing quizzes with Respondus, and more.

Service Availability

Service available 24/7, with the exception of scheduled maintenance on Saturdays from 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM, and planned routine maintenance. Please
see for details.

Support is 24/7 by phone. Call (505) 277-0857 or (877) 688-8817. For other support options, please see

Alternative Access

If the service is unavailable, you will be redirected to an error page, which will be updated during the outage. The error page will refresh every 10 minutes and attempt to load the UNM Learn home page. If Learn is still unavailable, it will refresh the error page, bringing you the most recent update. Alternatively, you may contact IT Customer Support Services at (505) 277-5757, or check the IT alerts page for current known issues.

Available Training

Faculty can sign up for training with the EL Training Schedule.

How to Request the Service

All users are required to have a UNM NetID. Most users must be affiliated with UNM as a student, faculty or staff. The decision to utilize the service is up to the individual faculty, department or college, so students may not see all of their sections listed when logged in to UNM Learn. Under some circumstances, special access can be given to individuals not affiliated with UNM. In those instances, departments may need to obtain a NetID on behalf of the individual needing access. Information about NetID accounts. For more information on what level of access these users may have in UNM Learn, contact UNM Learn Support at (505) 277-0857, or ask a question via Fastinfo.

How to Access the Service

UNM Learn is a web-based service. Access UNM Learn now or by signing onto the myUNM portal, and clicking on the UNM Learn icon in the upper right hand of the screen.

Technical Requirements

The UNM Learn site uses technologies (e.g., JavaScript, cookies, Java) that are not supported equally by all web browsers. The site provides a listing of supported browsers. If you experience problems with UNM Learn that are not resolved contact UNM Learn Support at (505) 277-0857, or ask a question via Fastinfo.


There is no fee for faculty or students to use UNM Learn. Fully online courses may have a technology fee associated with course delivery. Some courses require students to purchase an Access Key.

Further Information or Support

Contact UNM Learn Support at (505) 277-0857, Fastinfo, or via the Faculty Help and Student Help links on the UNM Learn home page.