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Video and Audio Tools for Courses

Extended Learning supports media tools that offer secure streaming and media delivery platforms for audio and video content and are integrated with UNM Learn. Once the media tools are enabled in a course, instructors can upload media and distribute it to their students in a variety of ways depending on the pedagogical goals and/or regulatory and technical requirements of the particular media.

These media tools are often used for sharing content developed by faculty, but they can also be configured to allow students to upload audio and video assignments. The tool allows students to submit files in a broad range of formats, and then encodes them on the server into a common format for ease of instructor viewing and use.

The system has been designed to meet the technical requirements for compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, and Copyright laws. While the system can deliver content in compliance with Copyright provisions, instructors are expected to educate themselves about their rights and responsibilities relative to copyrighted content, and use the media tools accordingly.

Service Availability

Service available 24/7, with the exception of scheduled maintenance on Saturdays from 4:30 AM to 5:30 AM, and planned routine maintenance. Please see for details.

Support is 24/7 by phone. Call (505) 277-0857 or (877) 688-8817. For other support options, please see

Alternative Access

If UNM Learn is unavailable, it will interfere with access to digital media in the course. If you are able to log into UNM Learn but still encounter errors accessing media, you may contact Extended Learning Support at (505) 277-0857  or toll-free at (877) 688-8817. You can also reach us via email at or check our alerts page for current known issues.

Available Training

Faculty can sign up for general UNM Learn training the EL Training Schedule. More focused information about the use of media tools can be obtained by contacting Extended Learning Support. Support can be reached at (505) 277-0857, toll-free at (877) 688-8817, or via email at . You can run basic diagnostic tests to determine your network and browser compatibility at

How to Request the Service

The service is available for use at faculty discretion in any course on UNM Learn. If you have questions about the service or would like to request access, contact Support at (505) 277-0857, toll-free at (877) 688-8817, or via email at .

Further Information or Support

Support is available  by contacting Support at (505) 277-0857, toll-free at (877) 688-8817, or via email at .